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Need help with your ID Photo Code?

You're probably here because you're having problems with the ID Photo Code you were issued, so let's see if we can help you out...

You're Getting An 'Automated Check' Warning

Automated Image Check WarningYou have entered your photo code and received an 'Automated check' red warning message similar to the one shown here.

The result that you are getting from the automated image checking section of the passport online application is NOT a fail on your image, but what is referred to as a 'Checks Advised'.

So, what does this mean?

Because the image checking system is performed by a computer using facial recognition technology, there are times when the computer is not quite sure about something it is looking at and therefore asks you to manually check that the image complies with the passport photo regulations.

The 'Checks Advised' result gives a list of things to check, which your passport photo provider will have already done. It then displays the 'Automated check' red warning message to indicate what it is not seeing properly ('Can't find the outline of the head' or 'your image and the background are difficult to tell apart' are common messages).

Your passport photo provider will have seen the same result and satisfied themselves that the image you have been provided, covers all listed regulations before releasing the image to you via your photo code. Every passport photo that is submitted via a photo code will also be checked by a real human being during the passport application process.

You're getting 'We can't find your code' message

Check your photo code Characters

Sometimes, characters in a photo code can be confused, like lower case 'L' with number 'one' or letter 'o' with zero. So double check any characters that may be confusing and try entering your code again.

Copy Paste Your Photo Code

Highlight your Photo Code in your email, select 'copy' then when asked to enter it, 'paste' the code into the boxes provided, ensuring it is pasted in the SAME format as displayed in your email and ALL characters have been inserted.

Here are some copy/paste instructions for PC and for MAC.

Still can't get your Photo Code to work?

If after trying the suggestions above you still cannot get your Photo Code to work then please supply the following information in the box below and click 'Submit Details' so that we can look into it further for you.

  1. Your Photo Code (Copy/Paste into box for accuracy)
  2. The email address your Photo Code was sent to
  3. The exact wording of any error message/warning given